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As Penrith Selective High School’s latest innovation to the leadership structure at our school, Multimedia aims to enhance our school’s public profile through branding and promotion.  We are focused on providing a leadership opportunity for students who wish to improve and contribute to our school from a more practical and behind the scenes perspective. Consisting of twenty-one members ranging from Year 10 to 12, Multimedia is an extensive group of talented students who work diligently for our school. Although we are focused on working outside of public view, our impact in the marketing and branding of our school become inextricably linked with our team as a whole.

The Multimedia Team is split up into four groups of different specialisations including: photography and videography, sound design, graphic design, and post-production editing. Each group is managed by one of three executive leaders who together, oversee the workflow and final output of the team as a whole.

In order to facilitate the fast-paced environment of Multimedia, we have a leadership succession plan of Year 11 and 10 transition leaders that are upskilled to meet the continuous demands of the school. These leaders work towards getting as much experience as they can while acting as an understudy of the existing senior leaders. 

As a collective, the students of the Multimedia Team display their talents and work ethic whether it be through their extra-curricular contributions or class work while consistently applying diligence, citizenship, integrity and courage in all of our projects and events.

Multimedia Organisational Structure


Photography and Videography:

Our diligent Photography Team is responsible for canvassing all school events, both internal and external. They take professional level pictures and videos, capturing our school and all it stands for. Some of these events include;

  • Graduation Night

  • Orientation Day

  • Little Shop Of Horrors Musical

  • Cross Country and Athletics Carnival

  • Multicultural Day

  • Quadschools

  • Alumni Night

  • Anzac Ceremony

  • School Camps

  • Fundraisers/Charities (e.g. Worlds Greatest Shave)


Multimedia’s Post Production Team is highly skilled in using Adobe software to render and polish photos. They work closely with the Photography Team, editing the photos as soon as they are ready to ensure a prompt turnaround before publishing them for the community to enjoy. They work closely with the Photography Team in order to produce quality content for our school to use.

Graphic Design:

The Graphics or Digital Design Team works tirelessly to mainly improve and uphold the prestigious reputation of Penrith Selective High School through its branding. They are also directly involved with the school's very own podcast; The Penrith Perception, creating cover tiles for each episode. They also deal with school events, creating promotional posters for Club Expo and Enrichment Program logos. Some other projects the Graphics Team has worked on include;

  • Survival Guide

  • Enrichment Logos

  • Towers Magazine

  • Prospectus

Sound Design:

The Sound Design Team is a talented group of students who facilitate all technical sound related aspects of school events and projects. This includes running sound in school assemblies, performances and meetings. Their biggest project is directly running and managing our school’s podcast; The Penrith Perception on Spotify. They use professional gear and equipment, allowing for a quality output of content. They also work on events that require a use of sound and lighting which include;

  • ANZAC Ceremony

  • Graduation Night

  • Little Shop Of Horrors Musical

  • Multicultural Day

  • Alumni Night