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Social Sciences


Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary faculty that is concerned with the analysis and modelling of human behaviour, in particular the relationships that exist between individuals, firms, governments, the global community, and the environment. Our faculty has many branches including the study of geography, business / commercial activities, society and cultures, economics, law, and politics.

The Social Sciences faculty consists of dedicated and talented teachers who, by the multidisciplinary nature of the subject area, are specialists in multiple fields. Some have and are HSC Markers, Senior Markers, Judge Markers and Senior Judge Markers. Our teachers create a supportive environment where students are welcome to explore new ideas and test them through application to current events.

Courses Offered

In Years 7-10 (Stage 4 & 5) all students complete Mandatory Geography.

In Years 9-10 (Stage 5) we offer TWO elective courses:

  • Commerce
  • Geography (eg Political Geography, Oceanography as examples)

In Year 10 (Stage 5) we offer ONE accelerated course:

We offer selected gifted students the opportunity to accelerate their learning in Business Studies. Students in Year 9 will apply for a position in this course. The selected students will start the Year 11 Preliminary course in Year 10 and complete the HSC course in Year 11.

  • Business Studies

In Years 11-12 (Stage 6) we offer THREE elective courses:

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Society and Culture

Key Excursions and Learning Opportunities:

  • Accelerated Business Studies
  • The Australian Geography Competition
  • Geography Excursions
  • Simulations
  • Plan Your Own Business Competition
  • Running their own businesses (Year 9)
  • Public Speaking

Further details about additional opportunities for students

The staff of each faculty are highly involved in running and supporting student leaders to lead a wide variety of co-curricular, enrichment, clubs & societies as part of the school's strong commitment to talent development opportunities. These programs play a key part of ensuring that students work alongside their classmates and with other likeminded students from across the 6 cohorts within the school. 

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