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Hector McGregor Field

Hector McGregor MA (Master of Arts)

Mr Hector McGregor was the first Principal of Penrith High School. He was Headmaster from 1950-1956. The back oval was named after him but unfortunately we have no trace of the fountain mentioned in the original plaque discovered in our archives.

Hector McGregor was known as Jock. He was very learned, having authored a standard textbook on English pronunciation and was very well respected by staff and students. The school ran efficiently during his tenure.

Mr McGregor oversaw many of the important traditions still in place today.

One of these is the publication of the school magazine. Originally published in 1950 under the name simply as “The Magazine of Penrith High School” by the second edition it was renamed as “The Towers”. As Mr McGregor explains in the second edition “It is our own special link with the past, for it stood on the site of our school buildings and all our playing fields belonged to it.”

He goes on to explain “On some future occasion, perhaps when you grow up, you may come across an old copy among your books. Then, as you turn over its pages, “The Towers” will carry you back to your past years at Penrith High School. It will be YOUR link with the past”.

All students have also played on the back oval and it is there that we remember our first Principal.