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Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. The School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.


Our school can help with enrolment queries throughout the year.

As an academically selective school, Penrith Selective High School has a rigorous admissions process.


COVID Update to support families in lock-down- submission options (Updated 12/7/2021)

Given the updated NSW Public Health Orders, the school will accept applications submitted via email (to the school's email address) and post. 

To support this process, please follow the details below:

Applications are due to the school by the previously published closing date (16 July 2021)

Please ensure the following instructions are followed when submitting applications:

Applications submitted via email

- Applications must be sent as one PDF to

- The order for these documents should be: Copy of payment receipt, NSW DoE Application form and then any other supporting documents submitted.

Applications submitted via post

- Penrith Selective High School. 158-240 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

- Applications must be postmarked, no later than 16 July, 2021.

- The order for these documents should be: Copy of payment receipt, NSW DoE Application form and then any other supporting documents submitted.

Applications submitted in person 

- Only for people who live within a 10km radius, but families are asked to follow public health orders and not submit this way.

- Applications must be submitted, no later than 16 July, 2021.

- Visitors are not permitted to be on the school site. Two blue bins have been placed inside the gates and applications can be placed here.

- The order for these documents should be: Copy of payment receipt, NSW DoE Application form and then any other supporting documents submitted.

- Please place applications in an envelope or clip together so that items aren't lost.

Acknowledgement of submissions will be sent to all applicants within 2 weeks of the closing date.

Please call the school on 02 47210529 if you have any questions.

  For students seeking entry in Year 7

The High Performing Students Unit of the Department of Education conducts an entrance test in mid-March of Year 6 for entry into Year 7 the following year. Families are advised to see the link below for specific details about the test and structure.  All Year 7 applications must now be completed online.

Information about entry to Year 7 in Selective High Schools is available at the following link:

  • Telephone: 1300 880 367
  • Email:

Application for entry into Year 7 is to be made in November when the student is in Year 5 and the test will be administered in March when the student is in Year 6.  For example, students wishing to enter Year 7 2023 must apply by November 2021.

Key dates for Year 7 2022 can be found here:

For students seeking entry in Years 8 to 11 for 2022

Application for entry to Penrith Selective High School in Years 8 to 11 in 2022 will open on Monday 21st June 2021 and close on Friday 16th July 2021 at 3pm. The school will conduct our assessments during August and September. 

Those seeking entry must:

  1. Download and complete the NSW Department of Education application form.  
  2. Complete the High Ability Selection Test (HAST) on Saturday August 7, 2021.

Additional details about the NSW Department of Education’s 8-11 application process can be found via this link:

You may apply for entry to a maximum of three selective high schools. To gain entry to the above selective schools in Years 8 - 11 your child will need to sit the Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in Melbourne. Details about the test and practice materials are available via this link.

If your first preference is Penrith Selective High School, you will need to apply and pay for the test at Penrith Selective High School prior to the closing date.  Your child will then sit the test at Penrith Selective High School on Saturday 7th August 2021.

If your first preference from the list below is not Penrith Selective High School you must apply, pay for and sit the test at the school you nominate on your application form as your first preference. If Penrith Selective High School is your second or third preference, you must still submit an application form to us so we can register your preference. However, you cannot sit the test at Penrith Selective High School if we are not your first preference.

Each high school must receive their own application form and the order of preference must be listed the same on all applications. If the test date is the same, the student is to sit the test at their first preference school.

Penrith Selective High School shares results with:

  • North Sydney Girls High School
  • Hornsby Girls High School
  • Hurlstone Agricultural High School
  • Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus
  • St George Girls High School
  • Gosford High School
  • Caringbah High School
  • Fort Street High School (Year 11 Exam)
  • Girraween High School
  • Baulkham Hills

Submitting an application and payment process

Please be mindful of Social Distancing and limit one person to drop off application. Late applications will not be accepted. 

There is an application fee of $100 for the students to sit for the test or a $40 fee if you are applying to our school but sitting the test at another school (ie- we are not your first preference). The administration fee pays for the setting and marking of the test, the supervision on the day and the processing of applications for students not sitting the test at Penrith Selective High School.  The Selective Test date is Saturday 7th August 2021.

For security and hygiene reasons, we request that payment is made online via our Online Payment Portal on the school website. Please use the link below and then click on “Make a payment.”  Please enter the amount and type “8-11 Application 2022” into the description box. The non-mandatory fields can be left blank.

Payment Examples

To assist with understanding what fee is required when applying, the examples below will assist:

If Penrith Selective High School is preference 1, applicants pay $100 and sit the exam at Penrith.

  1.  Penrith Selective High School $100
  2. Girraween High School
  3. Baulkham Hills High School

If any of these schools are preference 1 then they will pay that school and sit the exam there.

  1. Girraween High School $100
  2. Penrith Selective High School- $40
  3. Baulkham Hills High School

If Penrith is preference 2 and preference 1 is not one of the above schools e.g. Blacktown Boys High School, then applicants pay $100 when applying to Penrith and sit the exam here.

  1. Blacktown Boys High School
  2. Penrith Selective High School $100
  3. Girraween High School

Applications are not accepted via email or post.

Historically, large queues exist in the final few days before the closing date. Please factor this into your planning and note that parking is not available on the school site. 

Students must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of NSW. 

Student numbers at our school are limited to 150 in Year 7 and generally 150 students in years 8 and 9. Up to 24 additional students are admitted into year 10. A small increase in students exists in Year 11, but admission of new students is not made in Year 12. 

Generally, only a small number of places (average 3-6 spaces per corhort) become available at Penrith Selective High School in Years 8, 9 and11 with a larger intake into year 10 as noted above.

All information is available at

The Selection Process

In determining academic merit, the selection committee will consider:

  1. The results of the entry test,
  2. The application with its supporting documentation as listed below, and
  3. Interviews may be conducted as part of the selection process.
  • Original Birth Certificate for certification and a copy for the school to keep on file, Australian Citizenship or Visa. (Photocopying will not be completed by the school, please arrange this before submitting your application)
  • Photocopies of student's 2020 half-yearly and yearly reports, and the 2021 half-yearly report (This may be submitted after the closing date if your current school has not released this before)
  • Photocopies of the last NAPLAN reports. For students applying for Year 11, please provide your last two NAPLAN reports.
  • Photocopies of external academic achievements (eg: ICAS etc) for the past two years. (Maximum of 10 pages)
  • Photocopies of evidence of participation in extra-curricular activities.  (Maximum of 10 pages)
  •  Attach a copy of the Payment receipt with your application. (Stapled)

Students cannot automatically transfer between selective high schools. If a student is already enrolled at a selective high school and wants to go to another, the parents must fill out an application form for entry and lodge it directly with the selective high school they want their child to attend and follow their application procedures.

For students seeking entry into Year 12

We do not accept enrolments into the Year 12 academic year. 

Further information may be obtained by emailing: 

penrith (Attention: Admissions)

Additional Documentation 

Illness and Misadventure Form 

Penrith Selective High School Enrolment Policy Years 8-11 

Application Checklist for entry into 2022 (Application forms must be submitted by 3pm Friday 16th July 2021)

Moving overseas

Moving overseas and need school reports authenticated for DFAT? 

Email to arrange to bring original documents to 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta 2150.