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Penrith Selective High School is a member of the Nepean Zone Sports Association and participates in Nepean Zone events, which allows students to compete in Sydney West Regional events and teams with further opportunities for representation at Combined High School (CHS) teams and events. Some students also compete in national and international sporting competitions and the school is proud to field teams in a number of State Knockout competitions and other gala days including the annual Quad Schools tournament between Penrith, James Ruse, Baulkham Hills and Girraween High Schools.

The school is proud to compete in the weekly grade competition each Wednesday against schools across Penrith and the Blue Mountains and the three major carnivals, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics are major events on the school calendar. Students compete in the four houses- Blaxland, Lawson, Mitchell and Wentworth. 

Students in years 7-11 can participate in grade, recreational or school sport each week.  Year 11 students are required to participate in sport for terms 1-3 inclusive of the calendar year. They are not required to do sport in Term 4 due to the commencement of the HSC course. 

The PDHPE Faculty under the leadership of the Head Teacher PDHPE and Sports Organiser/s are responsible for the delivery of sport at the school and are supported by the teaching staff to ensure that sport and physical activity play a key role in the lives of all Penrith Selective High School students. 

Penrith Selective High School has access to a number of sports facilities across the community in addition to the facilities on the school site which include: 

  • Hector MacGregor Field - Full Size Soccer/ Rugby Field (Grass with underground/pop-up irrigation system)  

  • Hockey Field (Grass with underground/pop-up irrigation system) 

  • Cricket Nets x 3 

  • Indoor Gym- Basketball/ Volleyball/ Netball/ Futsal 

  • Netball Court- Grass 

  • Multiple purpose courts x 2 (Basketball, Netball, Volleyball)

  • Volleyball Court x 4 (Grass) 

  • Weights Room and Outdoor workout area 

Further details about the wide range of representative opportunities across a range of sports through CHS can be found on their website:

Please contact the school and ask to speak to the Sports Organiser/s if you have any further questions.​ 

Grade Sports

Below is a sample of the Grade Sports which may be offered as part of Wednesday sport over the course of the year at Penrith Seletive High School:

  • Grade Basketball Junior
  • Grade Basketball Senior
  • Grade Touch Football  Junior
  • Grade Touch Football  Senior
  • Grade Ultimate Senior
  • Grade Ultimate Junior
  • Grade Volleyball Junior
  • Grade Volleyball Senior

Social Sports

Below is a sample of the Social Sports offered for Wednesday sport over the course of the year at Penrith Selective High School. Social Sports are free and usually occur on school premises.

  • Social Basketball
  • Social Netball
  • Social Softball
  • Social Volleyball
  • Social School Table Tennis
  • Social Six a Side Soccer

Recreational Sports

Below is a sample of the Recreational Sports offered for Wednesday sport over the course of the year at Penrith Selective High School. Recreational Sports provides students with an opportunity to engage in physical activity at venues around the Penrith area.

  • Badminton 
  • Bowling
  • Cricket Net Training
  • Dance
  • Drum Corp
  • Fernwood Fitness
  • Fernwood Weights
  • Indoor Sports
  • PCYC Basketball
  • PCYC Gardening
  • Rock Climbing
  • Roller Skating
  • Rowing
  • Tutoring
  • Walking
  • Weights
  • Woodriff Tennis

Knockout Sports

Below is a list of the Knockout Sports offered across the year at Penrith Selective High School. Knockout Sports caters to our elite athletes who engage in training throughout the year and participate in a statewide tournament.

  • Opens Volleyball
  • Opens Touch Football
  • Opens Basketball
  • Opens Tennis
  • Opens Cricket
  • Opens Netball
  • Opens Football
  • Opens Table Tennis
  • U/15 Basketball
  • U/15 Netball